Welcome to EdTech Free Trials!

The platform that provides a safe and relaxed way to try a range of education technology and classroom/ teacher resources without any sales pressure or strings attached!


  • Search the category that you are interested in
  • Select a supplier
  • Click on the ‘request a free trial’ button

You will then receive the following 3 calls

First Call

Firstly, a contact from your chosen supplier to arrange delivery of the free trial.

Second Call

Then a second call mid way through your free trial to ask you how your trial is going and offer you any free support/training.

Third Call

A third call at the end of your trial to ask for your opinions/feedback on the product or service and whether or not you would like to buy.

All of our suppliers have agreed to a code of conduct and will strictly adhere to the above process.

A simple and safe way to explore exciting, new technologies, products and services completely free and without the deluge of high pressure sales calls that you normally receive when you show the slightest interest in a product or service!

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