EdTech Free Trials becomes a strategic partner with Think IT

EdTech Free Trials becomes a strategic partner with Think IT and joins its IT Procurement Framework!

The DfE recommend Think IT as part of “Deals for Schools”

Think IT

Think IT is a specialist IT procurement framework for the Public Sector

What is a framework?

A framework agreement is an arrangement that a ‘contracting authority’ (e.g. a public sector buying organisation) makes with suppliers of goods, works or services. It sets the terms under which you can make purchases from suppliers.

Why is the Think IT framework so good?

  • It saves you time, resources and money, because:
  • It has already been through a full competitive tender process and evaluated against criteria including cost, quality and service
  • It is free for the customer
  • It has been reviewed by the DfE, MoD, Cabinet Office, numerous Local Authority and MATs
  • Think IT give you advice and support (if you want it)
  • You can buy direct, without having to get three quotes or go out to tender
  • Think IT provides guarantees and can replace suppliers who fail to deliver

What does this partnership mean for EdTech Free Trials suppliers?

It means that not only will you continue to be marketed to all UK schools, you can now also apply to be part of the Think IT procurement framework, gaining exposure to all of Think IT’s school customers.  The Department for Education (DfE)recommend Think IT as part of ‘Deals for Schools’ making your product or service even easier for schools to buy, once they have tried them.

What does this partnership mean for existing Think IT suppliers?

It means that you can now offer an additional service to your potential customers by enabling them to try your products/services before they buy them through the framework.

What does this partnership mean for schools?

It means that all suppliers offering free trials will have been through the rigorous Think IT process to ensure value for money, allowing you to try before you buy with confidence, through the framework at no extra cost.